PT. Askomindo Dinamika (ASKOM) has been in the business of delivering hardware and software solutions through technology since its establishment in 1990. Headquartered in Central Jakarta, we have become the leading provider of Information Technology (IT) services to businesses and public enterprises performing our best practices and competency based solutions brought by leading enterprise class vendors and professionals.

As a total system integrator, we offer you more than out-of-the boxes. Our strength is in applying technology based on multiple platform and services. We can assure our customers, that our solutions reflect what our customer's business need rather than what we sell. We always provide total solutions which give our customers both comparative and competitive advantage.

Our success is always measured by our customer's success. That is why we want to stand as partner rather than supplier to our customers because one of our philosophies is "grow along with our customers". Being a strategic partner, we know the value of our service really makes a great deal upon the degree to which we understand our customer's business processes and needs.

The solutions we offer are also greatly supported through our partnership with the best provider in its industry such as Genesys, Oracle-BEA, Pitney Bowes, OCE Printing, Interwoven, Philtera, Fujitsu, and Avaya.