As partner of Philtera we focused on developing and extending a domestic market as well as international markets in a network and a security fields. We had successfully developed the business fields of Multi Queue System with our specific competitiveness on telecommunication field. Also based on the existing manufacturing circumstance (Transportation, Financial, Healthcare, Government, Retail, General Lobby, etc) we have left for bright future, with fostering up-to-dated technical SI (System-Integration) filed and adding a construction work and a maintenance.



* MQS-3000
1) Marketing Benefits:
The MQS3000 printer is equipped with a color LCD screen to provide an opportunity to advertise and display information. The patented printer is equipped with the tools to launch simple campaigns targeting the needs that customers may have. In conjunction with color LCD, the paper tickets also provide an ideal media to register coupons, advertising and relative information to direct the customers.

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2) Part of ticket printerBenefits:
  1. Stand alone (no computer required)
    • Save the expense of having a computer
    • Virtually no maintenance - Built in diagnostic tools
    • IT friendly (no backups required)
    • Easy to configure and to deploy
  2. HIPAA compliant (LED displays and Voice Unit)
  3. Confidential
  4. Reliable - Efficient - Cost Effective

What is the MQS3000?
The MQS3000 customer numbering system helps provide Healthcare, Government, Retail, and Financial Institutions the opportunity to improve the level of customer service. By using an ID number issued from the ticket dispenser, the customer now has the luxury to move about the room and not have to stand in a line. By tracking the amount of tickets issued, management and staff also benefit by knowing the volume of people waiting to be served. 
This can be used to calculate the estimated waiting times.
Visual displays such as LED signs can be used to display the customer ID and workstation number.

How Does It Work?

A customer will select one of the services listed on the ticket dispenser. A four digit ID number is issued with the time, date and some instructions or information. The customer will then proceed to the waiting area and wait for his/her ID number to be called. Located in the waiting area are LED panel displays used to inform the customer as to current number being served. When the staff member is ready for the next customer, the staff member presses the “CALL” button on the Teller Monitor Keypad.
Optional : As an option for the system, an automatic voice system can announce the ID number currently being served. Example: “Now Serving 230 At Station 5”

Configuration : The MQS3000 can be configured in several ways however the most common are:

Self Serve : The printer stand or printer shelf is used in conjunction with the ticket printer. The printer stand or shelf is usually located in a highly visible location where a customer will select the service of choice. 

Triage : The ticket printer is located at a reception desk or counter. The staff member screens the customers with a series of questions then issues the appropriate ticket for the customer.