banner_left pblogoPitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies provides systems, software and service solutions that help engineer the flow of communication for high volume mailers. These will empower our clients to use their customer communications—digital and paper—to further drive profitability by integrating the document channel with enterprise and CRM solutions.

APS™ Edge Inserting System

Give your performance an edge everydayaps

Running up to 22,000 mail pieces per hour, APS™ Edge Inserter System takes productivity and high speed performance to new levels of operational efficiency for production mailers.
As a 100 percent servo-powered inserter, the APS Edge system delivers up to 98 percent uptime, consistent performance and superior material handling. Today’s APS™ Edge can handle higher page counts and process more mail per shift to meet and exceed your SLAs—and lower your per piece costs.

Gain Competitive Advantage

APS Edge is the right system solution for maximum operational efficiency

  • Less systems, faster processing: Replace up to six legacy systems with a single APS Edge
  • Less real estate required: Reallocate valuable space
  • Less labor: Fewer operators per shift
  • Less material waste: Servo technology drives maximum uptime
  • Less expense: Drive cost savings through system reliability

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FPS™ Split Drive Inserting System

Technology to drive greater value for your businessfps

The FPS™ Split Drive system is built on a single platform to meet your current and future needs. The base system runs 6x9 letters and can be enabled to run flat mail with an onsite software upgrade. This flexibility allows you to plan for future expansion knowing your capital investment can convert to run letter and flats mail when you need it.

Gain Competitive Advantage

APS Edge is the right system solution for maximum operational efficiency

  • Process all your mail on one system
  • Run #10 letters up to 14,000 mail pieces per hour
  • Produce 6x9 letters up to 12,000 mail pieces per hour
  • Finish flats mail up to 9,000 mail pieces per hour

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